Q2 2021

-Trade (Dex)
-Decentralised Referral Algorithm
-Flavour pool
-Lotto (Burning Mechanism): The lottery is not only a chance for you to win more MILK but also a burning mechanism for us to keep the value of the token high.
-Locking Self Provided Liquidity in irreversible Smart Contract for next 180Days(6months)
-Bringing more Milking Pairs

Q3 2021

​-Lending & Borrowing
-Optimised Limit Order Book for Trades (Dex)
-Collaboration with other ultimate Projects in Flavour Pool.
-Never seen Decentralised Referral Page Ui/Ux Addition
-First time ever Casting NFT Platform
-Listing on Centralised Exchanges
-Time Locked Staking Contracts
-Surprising Reward Distribution

Q4 2021

-Ui/Ux Full Reupdate Renovation
-Predective Probability Gamification
-Dual Swapping Option
-Independent Vault Sytem & Liquidity
-Collaboration Proposal with Marvel & DC
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